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Hitting The Rev-Limiter on a REVBOX and 88cc....

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I just installed a TB 88cc kit on my buddies fifty. Now it seems like we're hitting a rev-limiter half way through the RPM range... is this timing or what? I have never had this happen before. Any ideas would be awesome!

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sounds like jetting or a poorly connected ground wire
pretty much the same thing happened to my buds bike also. we found out that he had a poorly connected groundwire hope this helps :wink:
I'll check that out tomorrow. Thanks guys.
Sounds like timing to me.
Should I advance it or retard it for the high end problem?
Are you still running the stock CDI, cause if you are, then you are hitting a rev limiter. Also you cannot change the timing on these motors unless you purchased a inner rotor ignition.
It's your jetting. Mine did it too.
before you mess with your jets, make sure your timing is set exactly right.

T on the flywheel with the notch on the top/inside of the case,

the O on the camchain to the notch on the front/inside.

exact :wink:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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