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1990 NSR50 AC-10,Vespa 50,1998 VFR800, Austin Healey 3000
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I am an ex bank manager (35years) and Hospital Admin Manager (25years) and finally retired. A while ago I scored a Japanese version of an NSR50 AC-10 which is road registered in New Zealand. Its actually listed on the rego papers as a Honda Beasto_O.....obviously compliance was not an issue when it was first registered

I have finally gotten around to having a good look at it with the aim of riding it. As I know $tuff all about 2 strokes I am going to need some help as the manual seems to be non-existant.

I thought it was a 6 volt but now I think it is 12 volt (according to specs) but it appears not to have a battery and I am unable to even see where one might fit. I looked at the 2004 manual and it appears that starting is by pushing It.. I guess that is because they are racebikes. Mine has a kickstart but I can probably manage a push start on this..the VFR800 not so much!!

First question...should it have a battery? :unsure:Specs have a blank where battery detail should be. CMNSL wesite shows a battery on the parts page and lists it as YB2(JDM). I don't know if that is correct as it is priced at US$246.86!!!! which seems a tad expensive for a small battery.

I also need to source an air filter as the guy I bought it from seems to have decided one was not required- the airbox is empty:eek:

Anyone out there with a similar bike and willing to advise?
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