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When i slow to to go into a berm or something it like jumps or somethin. Its almost like my chain is to loose and the bolts to my motor are loose but they are not. Its weird, its hard to describe.
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when you shift down and it clicks going into the berm?
Even if you don't shift it still does is. It never does it when taking off, only when slowing down. Its hard to describe.
Need a better description of the problem.What jumps the whole bike?

Does it make a noise when it does it?
how tight is your axle? try ajusting your clutch if its definetly internal. there are instructions in your manual.
Chain slapping because of braking bumps?
is it when you apply break or just when you stop eccelerating??,
Its mostly when you apply the breaks and i think its internal but i really can't tell. I don't really think its the chain b/c i have messed with it and it does it no matter how tight or loose the chain is.
yea mine does that, but i dont think its as bad as what you describing.
If u still have the kickstand on there

the chain might be catching on it

thats what mine did
Thanks for all your replys. I'll try all of these things tomorow when im not so tired. I'll tell you guys if any of these things work.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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