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Okay so I have just finished my build and now im trying to get my motor runnin right and I need help with my jetting. It runs okay on the low end but on the top end it surges and starts cuttin out. I think I need a bigger jet but not sure. Can anyone help me and tell me what to do to fix it cuz I really want to ride it.


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um motor size carb size would be useful info so we can help you
oh yeah sorry. It has a 143cc kit with a race and a 26mm carb.
air/fuel mixture, they say they come tuned but they dont
i want to say start with needle in the middle, and screw 3/4 out. jet you can use the 190 thats with it, it will be running fat if you have a 175 start with that
The main jet in there now is a 190. I talked to another guy and he said I may need to go higher but I will mess with the air/fuel mixture when it stops rainin here and let you guys no what happens.


Okay so I adjusted the air/fuel mixture and the cuttin out is pretty much gone but the bike still feels like it has no power. It will pull but it doesn't feel like it it would before and once it reaches a certain piont it want to just stop pullin about half way thorugh the gear. Any suggestions?
It sounds like you are too rich with the main jet. 143's with 26mm carbs tend to need smaller mains than 190. Try a 170 or 180 main and see if it feels better.
Okay so I put in the 175 jet and it does run better on the top end now but it still does't have the torque that it should. I guess ill just have to keep adjusting until I get it right. Thanks for the help though and if there are any more suggestion please let me know.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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