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help with inner rotor iginition

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I have read through alot of the psot here and it seems like you guys know what your talking about so I hope you cna help me with this one. i got a tak 88 kit with bbr pipe, stock head. I just put that inner rotor kit on from Kitaco and it kicked over fine. When i ride it, it runs like crap from about three quarter to full throttle. I know that the timing is already advanced 10* and you can move the magnet to 20*, but that will be to much, so I am right in the middle. I tried everything with the timing and still runs bad. I then thought it was a jetting problem. Before I had a 85 main and I run that ultimate 4 race gas, it was running abit lean, but not much, just back fired every once in a while. I put a 92 main in and the bike still runs like crap, is there anything else I should try. I agree that the bike revs awesome, but when i go to ride it it jerks and bogs, help please!!
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Check your GROUND CONNECTION make sure the wire has a good metal to metal connection and is tight...... :wink:
Well..........? did you go back and check anything?
sorry for not getting back, your the man, that totally worked. I didn't tighten up everything cuz I wanted to make sure it worked first and the ground wire was way loose, it runs awesome now thanks for your help
Cool........... 8) Enjoy, Inner Rotor is An awesome modification.. :wink:
Why? I have nevver used one, but am interested if it will make my bike run better
it will increase the performance, by the way your motor revs.
it almost feels like a two stroke, I rode it the other day, wasn't use to the power and almost rode off the track when the revs hit!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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