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Help with bike for 13yr old? 125,140 or 150?

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Hi My son is 13 almost 14 and about 115lbs with a 30" inseam. He's coming off of a XR70 with a 80 fork and big bike style swing arm, which he pretty well out grew last year. I have found a couple of 125's TTR and KLX but not many bigger bikes. Is this the right size or should he really step up to a 150? He's a fair rider but only as aggressive as the xr70 would allow (he thinks he's superman). I'm in SW Colorado if you have anything near by. I'm not opposed to doing YZ forks and such in a year or so if needed.

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get him a yz85, i was 14 last year i was on a 250f
Check out the LXR14/17 Pitster Pro,probably could get one with a 125 engine in it.It'll be the size of a 85,and you can put in whatever engine size you want(xr70).Good luck!
250f, im 14 and on one next year im gettin a 450
Thanks for the posts. I think that maybe I should add a little info. We are not looking to race, mostly fire roads and tight single track. We live in the mountains and ride 6000-10000 ft elevation. I want something that something that he can just cruise around on but will also have enough to get the front wheel up for roots or crossings and not have to fan the clutch all the time.

Does that change any of your recommendations?
The LXR would make a great trailbike,could use the xr70 engine if you still have it,will be lighter then the yamy.My 14 yearold kid has a Konker 14/17 and its been a good bike for him,not too much for him to handle and easy to ride.He's getting the LXR14/17 for this year and as he gets faster its easy to get more power/or engine.Won't have to do anything with the suspension as it will have around 10 inches front and back.
You have a lot of choices. The Pitster LXR would be a great choice and so would a CRF150r. Both will be a big step up in power over the XR70.
My son is 13, 5'4" and on a ktm supermini (105sx). He fits it perfect, but a couple more inches and he'll be on a 125/250f. A crf150r would fit fine, ktm 105, or kx100. Pick your color. My recommendation would be to buy a used one, let him ride it for one year, then he'll be on a big bike. Whatever you pick, they adapt to whatever they are riding quickly. There's lot's of good choices out there, you can't really go wrong. Don't go with a small wheel mini (i.e. 85) or it will be to small to enjoy. Go with a big wheel.
TTR/DRZ125 or a KLX140, or CRF150F. A 150R or 85/100 don't like to putt around. If you were slick, there's a DMC conversion in Columbus that could be had for less than $4000 probably. Check out SoCal XR's in the bikes for sale section. ---L*64
kawasakicoby125 said:
250f, im 14 and on one next year im gettin a 450
my buddy went from an 85 to a 450
xr200rider said:
my buddy went from an 85 to a 450
hees one crazy dude! big power differance. i had a kx85, and thats what i wanted to do! but im glad i got a 250f instead.
id get him an 85 to get used to that power thats a hudge step up from a 70 right there,but if hes really good and hes been on an 85 and handled it well maybe a 250f
I'm 14 and have an xr80, which I have gotten a little big for. I would not get anything smaller than a crf150f. You can get them used for not too much. I don't know how tall he is but I am 5'6" and I have sat on a 150 which is perfect but you might want to get something he can grow into.
CR85 or CRF150R for sure. When I was 13 I had an XR80, and XR200. I think I was on a CR125 by the time I was 14. I was about 5' tall and around 120lbs back then.
i'm thirteen and ride a 250f. when i got it i thought it was realllly big compared to my klx140... but that goes away quickly. now my klx140 seems reallly small compared to my 250f. I haven't had a chance yet to try out the 250 on trails only the mx track. I think the 140 is a better for tighter trails. However I don't really remember my stock 140 cuz now it has goodies like a pipe, carb, 150r front fork, longer swingarm, and such. I suggest a 140 and put a 150r front fork on it eventually because ALL trailbike suspensions suck. I also hear you can put a flywheel on a 150r to slow down the revs. I rode my friends 150 and it was more finnicky than my 250! so you could investigate that.
engines only has a flywheel weight that you should check out for the 150r
im 14 almost 15 and have been riding a 250f for like a year, and yz125 before that.
i had a kdx 200 with a 220 kit that was fun...
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