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Help me make a cheap oil cooler for these engines...

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I am going to build a kit for a cheap oil cooler setup. This setup will cost the consumer about $75-80 and use high-end components. Why? Because I am sick of these large companies ripping off people for stuff that doesn't cost anywhere near what we are paying for it.

So, what I need is a picture...from one of you guys that have an expensive oil cooler. I need a picture of the backside of the oil cooler adapter plate. Once I have that, I will modify my plate, get some adapters, and put on a HP 4 row cooler.

I have a temperature gauge in my oil and will determine the effectiveness of the cooling once completed with some scientific testing (15 minutes of 50mph driving from a cold start) with and without the cooler and take temperature readings.
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The oil cooler part is not that difficult. The adapter plate will have to be cast. Just find a suitable automotive oil cooler, weld on some brackets, and purchase an adapter plate from any of the vendors. I'd contact to see if he can get just the adapter plates, as I know he can, but if he will, that's a different story.

To make a mainstream oil cooler for the masses is a great idea, once you get the adapter plate worked out. I wouldn't fabricate one off the existing plate, just purchase one and copy the sucker.
Motarded said:
cant you just drill and tap the stock plate?

It's possible, but the average joe isn't going to have the fabricating skills to do that type of fabrication.

As KAOS pointed out, the adapter plate is $53, which doesn't make it viable to make a $75-$80 oil cooler kit.

I think there will be some companies here in the next 5-6 months that will sell some cheap oil coolers with all the goodies. Just sit back and wait for spring...

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Welcome to the forums "Dilligaf"!

Glad to have another knowledgeable bloke around these parts.
Re: Drilling the stock plate

fatcaaat said:
It is the plate that is going to be difficult. For me, it is no bid deal...a drill press with a mill cutter and a steady hand will knock down the fins just the way I need them.

As a matter of fact, I think I can build this thing for less than $50!

But for this to be mass produced for the "average joe" it will be a difficult product to duplicate with basic hand tools.

Some company is going to have to step up and take on this project.
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