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Help me huck my new motor up. Forget how all the electrical goes

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Ok I just got a new motor and have it all bolted up. Have all the wiring ignition. I have all of it. The problem is I cant remember how to huck it all up can some one please help me maybe show a pic.
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The wiring only plugs in one way though.
everything is off I have to start from scratch. It seems like there is a few extra wires that don't go any wear.does that sound normal. I'm worthless when it comes to this stuff.
Should only be three non harnessed wires... Two have female connectors for the coil and one has an eyelet for the coil ground
I got it sent with two harnessed wires and a ground with eyelet but it came with a green wirer huck to one of the harnessed with a eyelet end. what is that
looks right to me, if it starts great if not might need to look it over again.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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