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Help! Legalize my SSR 125cc

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Hey guys,

I sold my wr250f along with some smaller hondas about a year ago for various reasons, but now I am wanting to buy a pitbike and street legalize it. I live in Texas but would be riding it to school and on trails in fayetteville arkansas. I have many of the details sorted out already and was set to buy a Blitzpro headlamp. However, I just read that it must have a high low beam? Is this true? If so it presents me with a problem. My SSR 125 does come with a lighting cable but it does not have a battery. I could hook up a voltage regulator strait to the stater, but this would not allow for high low if i am correct, but im no expert. I know I will be able to get a license plate if I pass inspection. But that is what has me worried. Please help me buffer out all the details here because I run into conflicting info allllll the time. What else do I need? How do I get a tail light to activate when the hand break is pulled? Do the lights need a High-Low indicator? How hard is it to pass inspection in Texas? Can I get it inspected in Arkansas instead? Please please please help because I am getting low on time and am very eager to get this all figured out.

P.S. I have real almost all the other forums online
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You have done this before? Do you know if I MUST have high low beam?
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