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Help! Legalize my SSR 125cc

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Hey guys,

I sold my wr250f along with some smaller hondas about a year ago for various reasons, but now I am wanting to buy a pitbike and street legalize it. I live in Texas but would be riding it to school and on trails in fayetteville arkansas. I have many of the details sorted out already and was set to buy a Blitzpro headlamp. However, I just read that it must have a high low beam? Is this true? If so it presents me with a problem. My SSR 125 does come with a lighting cable but it does not have a battery. I could hook up a voltage regulator strait to the stater, but this would not allow for high low if i am correct, but im no expert. I know I will be able to get a license plate if I pass inspection. But that is what has me worried. Please help me buffer out all the details here because I run into conflicting info allllll the time. What else do I need? How do I get a tail light to activate when the hand break is pulled? Do the lights need a High-Low indicator? How hard is it to pass inspection in Texas? Can I get it inspected in Arkansas instead? Please please please help because I am getting low on time and am very eager to get this all figured out.

P.S. I have real almost all the other forums online
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I used to be a motorcycle license instructor, and here is the requirements & more information in regards to anything Texas & motorcycling.

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I mean no, I have not street legalized any of my dirt bikes; but yes I've had many motorcycles in Texas.

I know it is required yes; as you asked on a Hi/Low beam in Texas.
Actually found some more information that has since changed.

* Rear View mirror (1)
* Hi/Lo beam headlight. In Texas, you are not required to have a high-beam indicator light on a bike under 250cc, although most kits come with one.
* Brake light is required to be actuated by rear brake only.
* Turn signals are not required, but if the bike is equipped with turn signals, they must be functional.
* DOT legal tires. Most non-DOT tires will have a stamp on the sidewall that says "NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE". I have found enforcement of this to be rather lax to say the least.
* Speedo / Odo are not required.
* Liability insurance
* Some place to mount the inspection sticker. Most bike shops will sell you an aluminum plate that goes behind the license plate. Have it already mounted on the bike before you go to get the sticker.
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