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Help! Legalize my SSR 125cc

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Hey guys,

I sold my wr250f along with some smaller hondas about a year ago for various reasons, but now I am wanting to buy a pitbike and street legalize it. I live in Texas but would be riding it to school and on trails in fayetteville arkansas. I have many of the details sorted out already and was set to buy a Blitzpro headlamp. However, I just read that it must have a high low beam? Is this true? If so it presents me with a problem. My SSR 125 does come with a lighting cable but it does not have a battery. I could hook up a voltage regulator strait to the stater, but this would not allow for high low if i am correct, but im no expert. I know I will be able to get a license plate if I pass inspection. But that is what has me worried. Please help me buffer out all the details here because I run into conflicting info allllll the time. What else do I need? How do I get a tail light to activate when the hand break is pulled? Do the lights need a High-Low indicator? How hard is it to pass inspection in Texas? Can I get it inspected in Arkansas instead? Please please please help because I am getting low on time and am very eager to get this all figured out.

P.S. I have real almost all the other forums online
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The hi/low function is controlled through a light switch not by the regulator. You will need a headlight that has hi/low capability. A simple halogen H4 style bulb would achieve that. Brake light would likely be easiest to get a pressure switch inline with the front brake hose. I found some that use a special banjo bolt you swap for the stock banjo at the master cylinder but I'm yet to order one. Will likely need D.O.T. approved lights also. No idea about the other street legal stuff though.
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