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Hi Everyone,
I've been riding my whole life and am stoked that my kids are old enough now where they are getting interested as well.
As a result, i've accumulated some project minis to build up for them:
A frankenbike crf50 for which i'll be lurking over in classifieds looking at parts
A crf70 that needs a little love
A 94 z50 my neighbor gave me that had been abandoned in his side yard, it runs, but boy is it rough...
Looking forward to learning about these bikes, buying some parts from you all, and stoking my kids out on riding!

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Here are before pictures of the crf and the z50
Have a used 88cc Honda motor on the way for the crf and need a fresh chain for the z, it looks rough but its a runner!
Can't say that about the crf right now, haha
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