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Headlighted the SSR!

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I stumbled upon some pics of a red SSR with dual headlights on the web, got me to thinkin, I bet my motor is wired for a headlight because most of the chinese motors are factory wired with stators for different intall applications like quads and stuff, and it just so happened that I had an old Baja Designs headlight that I had bought for the TTR, sure enough the yellow wire was from the stator, wired in a switch and man is this thing bright, I'm Stoked! heres a few quik pics sorry so dark!

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NICE! Headlights make it look neat.. :cool: good job

How do you like your SSR? Have you had any problems with it? WOuld u recomend it?(for its cost)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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