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I got a headlight bucket from my TB store and wanted to know what the brightest bulb i could put in it was. I don't want to replace the entire housing, just the bulb. If there is nothing, then it does not matter, just figured the brighter the better. I DON'T want blue lights. Something pretty white (a little bit of blue is okay, but I don't like those rice rocket blue lights). Don't know how HID works or if it would fit, but I don't think people see me coming well enough on the road here in the crazy bay area (ca).

Bike is converted to 12v and here is what it says on the bulb:


S2 12V 35/35W

[E4] 2TP
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Need to know what you're going to power the light with; what's your stator output? Battery? Full lighting, turn signals, tail/stop, horn etc.? I'm guessing if you're riding on the road in CA, the answer would be yes to all that.

Point is, some off-road blaster halogen bulb won't be any brighter if your stator is near maxed out already with the 35/35 bulb.
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