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Header Pipe Wrap?

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I was told, that if I wrapped my head pipe (08' X4) all the way to the silencer, that I would be changing my packing extremely often? This was told to me by a very good bike mechanic. He said that it would push morre heat through the silencer, and blow out the packing a lot quicker! I see many PM bikes with this wrap, and I would like to to something to keep the heat away from the rider's leg, but I really don't want to cause more maintenance.

Any thoughts?
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not true..i have in on all my pitbike pipes and have had it on my streetbike for 2 years and havent had to change no packing..wrap it up!
Kind of true. If you use dirt cheap string fiber packing the added heat will break it down and it turns into something that looks like lint. That then blows out. Good packing generally won't do that to say it can't happen would be lying. If it bothers you that bad just wrap the pipe where you need relief from the heat. It will look like crap but it'll do what you want.
while it does promote faster exhaust flow due to the uncooled gases because of the heat wrap which can aid in horsepower.

The draw back is condensation held in by the wrapping. This condensation can eat away at your pipe. While it won't happen over night, it will happen.

Just giving you both ends of the spectrum.
It only costs somewhere between $2 - $3 to repack a mini muffler using FMF 4 stroke packing. You can repack a muffler 3 - 4 times using one package too.
save the money on burn cream and spend it on packing .

heat wrap should incerase overall horsepower and should lend to faster heat transfer as well.

keep the heat wrap dry while washing your bike though thewrap will last longer and keep the condension away.

good luck.
what does packing do other than make it more quiet or does it? does it hurt the motor to run with no packing or burnt packing?
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