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I found a head at the bike grave yard. It is a Honda Head. The valves look like 24mm. intake / 21mm. exhaust and the diameter of the combustion chamber is aprox. 47mm. Can anyone id what it is off.

I can prob. get the cc`s of the combustion chamber if needed.

The cam that was in it is NOT a roller bearing cam. Looks like the cams that come with the Kitaco Heads. Is there any disadvantage to running this type of cam. If not I guess the touring cam from Kitaco will work.

Any feedback is greatly needed. This head cost me $2.00 so if it will work that would be great. One last question What is the compression ratio of a stock xr-70. If you put a Kitaco 88 big bore on a 70 with a stock head will make 11:1 like a 50 with a stock head?

Douglas Walter
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