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head count for x fest

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who's going?
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Aint it raining on saturday? I may go...If I can get my head on and test out before the race. I'll be out on sunday for sure to try out the new track and to pick up some plastics I ordered from Power Toys.
firepower354 said:
A couple of my X's gave good head.

firepower354 said:
A couple of my X's gave good head.

lol ill be there but not racein unless my buddy lets me barrow his bike. my motor just aint enoughhh.
Set to rain in the evening, we will be fine.

I'm there.
out.. ill be in a dress and heels instead of pants and boots :sad: next weekend tho! have fun and be safe guys! ;)
I know there is wayyyyyy more ppl than this commmon
suppose to rain a little....this will be interesting....little rain never hurt anyone....see you guys there ill be the one on crutches....just had knee surgery
Any pros going drew gosselaar and jeff willow want to go.
wish i could be there. have fun guys. take lots of pics and maybe some vids for the ones who wont be there! lol
i was planning on going but crashed and had shoulder surgery so im out for a couple months :(
We will be there with da bbr and my dads 450 rain or shine going to get muddy the 450 loves da mudroosting pies
Exspect it to be in the 50's with a possible rain chance ill be there taking pics so let me know if you want some of you. post a pic of your bike so i know what to look for =]
I'll be there after work to watch. Oh yeah, no spectator fee this year.
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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