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Yup that was me lol, I finished 2nd in the 2nd moto, and got 2nd overall lol. The 2nd moto was great, I didnt pull the holeshot like the first one but one of they other kids on the 110's got in front of me and I dogged him the whole race. I tell ya something, those little kids on those 110's are fast lol, they were making me work for it lol, if I could have pulled the wholeshot in the 2nd motor like I did the first I would have won, should have finished 2nd in the first moto but my throttle hung and I had to run off the track. To bad you couldnt go Mike, was wicked fun lol, needed some more 50's there to represent.

rmracer347 you should have come said wuz up man, I was kinda looking for ya on your new 250f but it was kinda hard to look for orange grips lol.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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