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i have a BRAND NEW hard drive i need to get rid of.

it is a MAXTOR 120GB 6Y120M0 SERIAL ATA150 7200RPM 8MB

first one to give me 80 bucks plus shipping can have it. they sell for 100-120 bucks...depends where you go....then shipping on top of that too.

save 20 bucks easily off of me.

remember people this is a SERIAL ATA 150.....not the regular ATA drives.

*edit* i might as well just say 85 and ill cover shipping. if i can get rid of this today (7/28) ill let it go for 75 shipped. only cuz i need to get rid of it so i can get the right one in. i mod xboxes and i accidently ordered a serial ata HD. so here is your chance to get it CHEAP!!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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