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My name is Jay from the absolute middle of nowhere USA. I have been collecting and rebuilding a bunch of classis Honda stuff lately and finally am getting around to sharing some pics and vids.

Last fall I rebuild a rolling chassis K1 Trail 70 with a bunch of parts off a Lifan knock off. The thing is a blast with the 125cc engine. I have video of the restoration but just havent gotten around to editing it and getting it on my youtube channel yet. Hopefully within the next handful of weeks though.



And a nice pic next to a 110 Three Wheeler I did a complete but and bolt and re-paint on. I'll get videos of that build up soon too.


and the 3 wheeler next to it twin 2 wheeler my dad build out of a parts scrap bike. Pretty slick ride.


The custom bike is a work in progress but I do have a little riding video ready to go for that. I'll make a new post on the forum soon with more pictures of the build.

For now, here's a video with some pictures and riding clips.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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