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Hello everyone. I bought my first motorcycle a couple of months ago. It’s a 2020 Honda Grom. My current mods are as follows.

Fender eliminator
Battery maintainer
DHM flashed ECU
15% stiffer clutch springs
Koso forged clutch spring plate
Koso clutch cover/oil spinner delete
Koso high flow oil pump
Koso gauge cluster and custom billet aluminum dash for new gauges
Luggage rack
Gold magnetic oil drain plug
NGK CPR7EAIX-9 Iridium IX Spark Plug
Pro taper pillow top grips
Koso 20% throttle rotation reducer
Wide view mirrors
K&N 22-8028PK Black Precharger Filter Wrap
Flat more cushion seat :)
Performance cam
Koso 5 row oil cooler
DHM performance cam

I’ve got just over 2k miles on the bike now since I go cruising every single day. Cheap therapy.

My future projects and efforts are going to be entirely focused on my first restoration jobs. I rode a mini bike for the first time almost 30years ago when I used to sneak my dads gold CT70 trail bike out. The bike has sat for all that time. My dad bought a another blue CT70 that’s motor doesn’t roll over for parts. I know my dad dreamed of us riding them together but it just never came to be….., yet. My dad said I could have them. I bought a beater van and ramp so I can collect parts and transport bikes now. My dad is sure the gold one can be up and running but I’m not going to give up on either. I am planning full restoration of both. Both bikes are 100% original. I am sure I will be asking questions galore. I was a small engine mechanic so I have a good understanding but I am completely new to bikes. I’m going to do full rebuilds on both engines in hopes that I can bring them both back to life. My end goal is to be able to go riding with my dad on the two Honda CT70’s. I just hope the blue bikes frame doesn’t have to much rot. I know it has spent many years out side under a tarp. 😢. We have a ton of small engine junk yards that I plan on raiding hard as soon as I get the bikes to my shop.
Sorry so winded, I am quite passionate about this endeavor and can’t contain my enthusiasm. I LOVE working on anything that burns fuel. These CT70s mean quite a bit to me because I know how much they mean to my father.
I’ve already shared a dream and I look forward to sharing thoughts, ideas and advice in the future.

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1970 CT70, 2019 Super Cub 125, and five or six other basket cases
231 Posts, Tbolt, CHP, and Trail Buddy are gonna be your best friends. Pics are always welcome! DrATV for repair parts and Tbolt for engine swaps/performance imho. Do some looking. Fall down the rabbit hole. Too late to turn back now! We’re all suckers for a good story, too 🥺
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