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What's up guys. My name is Wes and It's been a while since I've been on here so I've missed a bunch and haven't stayed up on much.

Motors -
gpx125 with inner rotor kit vm22 carb

Stock lifan 138/ knockoff 125? With inner rotor kit. Vm22 carb

Well this is why I'm here...

My Gpx 125 recently started having clutch issues ( not wanting to function as in engaging when I pull in the clutch). I pulled the cover off and come to find out, the actuator lever and push rod have niks in them which don't allow the smooth pull of the clutch. Instead it only pulls into the notch and stops which doesn't function properly...

That being said, I started part searching and I found the push rod through tbolt but I called when I started having trouble finding the actuator lever. I was pretty much told they didn't carry it for the 125gpx. It is motor specific to the 125 and not compatible to the 140. I called Orion and was also told the same thing plus that it would be a night mare to find one...

Next step was finding a decent deal on a 140 lifan from a local Craigslist post (online classified sale) to ones who may not know, never ran, brand new still had seal on the intake. So I picked it up. Low and behold I did some research and found out a few things

1. The motor was stamped as 138cm
2. Lifan did not make a 138cm
3. It is actually falsely stamped 138cm
4. And it is actually a 127cm??

So now I'm left with two 125 motors and a lot less cash (which is leaving me with a regretful feeling).

Question 1.
Is there anything compatible between the two motors that would give me more power out of one of them? Anything that could be Miss matched in order to build one good motor with more power?

Question 2.
Are the actuator levers and pushrods for the clutch compatible between the 125 GPX and the lifan 140? Both motors have top mount actuator levers.

Question 3.
What is the best way to run either a oil cooler or return line to get oil flowing through the head on the lifan. Since I've read that people were overheating the head due to no oil.

Question 4.
If putting a VM 22 carb on the 140 Lifan that was on my GPX 125, what jetting differences should I make? I ran the bike today and it was kind of hard to start but once running it was good. From quarter to half throttle was responsive but when wide-open and with a load on the motor it seems to bog and not have very much pep on the bottom end. ?

If I could get more power out of one of the motors I wouldn't feel as bad for getting semi ripped off. Only say semi because the seller had no idea either. I don't blame him.

Any information regarding the questions or tips that I may need to refer to later on would be greatly appreciated due to the fact that I haven't had the motor (lifan) very long I may run into some more common problems that I'm unaware of and could be easily averted.

If any information is needed on my part feel free to ask it's only making things easier.


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Its a 127,it has a BVH(big valve head,23/27 I believe) have had both motors,cases cracked on the Lifan,took the head off,bought a 146 kit (T Bolt) for the GPX,put the head and kit on the GPX and was very happy with the results. The GPX has weak cutch rubbers and maybe that is part of your problem. Grab the basket and see if you can twist it.
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