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new here, great site

just picked up a used 2006 crf 50 as a pit bike. I race an 06 R6 and finally got tired of walking around at the track with leathers on. Maybe I'm just getting old... :D

Anyway, I bought some ktm orange plastics to match my R6 paintjob. Now I need some graphics to go with it. Problem is its hard to tell from ebay pics what graphics would go well with the orange. Can anyone recommend a graphics kit that would go well with orange plastics? I'm looking for something black or dark gray I think. Nothing too bling, just something subdued but fills up the space on the tank shroud.

All ideas are welcome.

In addition to the plastics kit I bought some black rims with hd spokes and hd delrin bushings. The fiddy already has the pro-taper bars, BBR seat, HD front springs and rear shock.

Is the front disc brake mod worth it for a pit bike? Not sure I like the stock front drum brake.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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