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Good deal....

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check it out

Custom 2006 KLX 110

im thinkin about picking it up
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yah i would just get it for the front end and swinger
hop on that.

even if ur just using parts off it, its a still an awesome deal.

sell what u dont need and ur looking at a net of even cheaper
Do them KX60 swingarms bolt on or is it pretty much the same as a 65?
dont mess with this hahaha :D

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RCM#74 said:
ur popular, look at all ur freinds hahaha

your immature
RCM#74 said:
ur popular, look at all ur freinds hahaha

your so immature
rider34 said:
your so immature

definitely can be lol.

when are u gettin the bobcat?

tomorrow morning or do u already have it?
already have it

made a new burm and jump already

idk, i could probably be there around 11 or so, is that cool?

is jordon or luke gonne be there too?
back on topic... I need another klx...

any other deals out there better than this?

Or... is this a "good deal"??
get it, its really good deal, zokes cost 1500 new
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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