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Glamis with KLX110

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A few questions for you experienced folk!!

Been tossing around the idea of going to glamis with some friends. The problem is that my sons 110 hasn't had to much engine mods done. (pipe and rev box) So if I put a paddle on will he have fun or will it suck balls for him??? His bike is the one I have here ->

any ideas would be appreciated
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Also where can I find some good quality whips and mounts??
The paddle tire I'm looking at is an 80/100-12 6 Paddle. Does the paddle make that much difference in the sand cause right now his bike is terrible in the stuff....
who makes the paddle? I think a 6 paddle would be way to much for a stock motor. If possible, you may want to look at a 4 paddle if they make em. If not, you can have Skat Trak make you a custom tire.

As for the whip, mount it above the tire. Whips have a tendency to get cought in the tire and get shredded. I made a custom mount to my exhaust pipe and mounted it there. It was one of the best things I ever did to my bike.

I use a Stiffi quick release mount for ease of install/disassemble and it makes fixing a broken flag REALLY easy.
Rim locks on both front and rear tires so you can run really low pressure. Forget the paddle if you don't have a strong motor. Low pressure on the knobby will work that motor hard allready. It will be OK on the flats. Forget the dunes though.
Thanks for the responses!!! I figured the sand would kill it!! Guess its time to put som $$$ into the motor..

I'm looking at the AMS Sandsnake on the chaparral website
Take a knobby tire and cut down every other row of knobs. It will still let sand pass through but still give you plenty of traction.
dont put money into the motor then take it to glamis that will just be a waste of money. try and stay away from the sand on the mini bikes. even with motor mods and a paddle thats alot of stress for a 110 its going to be revving out like crazy. I took my stocker to dumont dunes in the sand it was the worst time ever didnt even have fun but they also have dirt at dumont.
Thanks for the idea DOOD
instead of putting cash into the motor

you could buy a cheap used cr 80

i went out and rode mine out there and loved it

and you can find them under 1000

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That would be a good idea but I'm waiting for him to grow into his brothers rm85!! Sometimes I think I should have gotten him a KX65. But damn its to much fun modding up this 110. Wouldn't redo the choice even if I could.
couldnt of said it better my freind

half the fun of these minis is buying new parts and building them up so their one of a kinds
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