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Looking to move a few machines at a time. You can PM me but the best way to contact me is my cell 1-607-435-6209 call or text. Im in NY so please no late night calls. If you call and I don't pick up leave a message and i'll call back. I cant talk on the phone at work(but I usually get away with texting)

Here's the list...

1986 Honda 350X Three Wheeler: SOLD!

In great condition, plastics are a bit beat up. Comes with a plastic tank on it but will come with the original metal tank as well.

2005 Honda CRF50: $500

Stock Motor, BBR top clam, BBR bars, BBR throttle, BBR skid plate, IMS foot pegs, IMS shifter. In great condition, comes with an extra set of graphics.

1993 Honda CRF70: $400

All stock, smokes a little but other than that in good shape

2007 Stock Mod KLX 110: SOLD!

Bikes in good condition, well maintained, garage kept. Has a small ding in the exhaust nothing major. Almost new tires, only a couple rides. Brand new chain. Motor only has somewhere between 5 and 10 hours on the top end.

-TB 143 kit

-Gripper seat cover

-Red baron tripple clamps

-Pro circuit extended dampning rods and HD springs in the forks

-FMF factory 4.1 titanium exhaust

-Two bros carb jet kit

-Red baron extended shift lever

-Sik 110's OTT brake

-Pit king brake bar

-Renthal sprockets

-Asv lever

-KX 65 bars

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chubbs said:
Willing to come down on the price of the 110?

How much are you thinking? I don't really want to cause it's worth $800 and it gets to a point where it's not worth selling because I'll still ride it and im not in any real need for cash. I guess it depends on the price you have in mind.
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