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GPX 125 bored to 140, chinese IRK, oil cooler, head breather, not sure on carb size - I'll check.

Sano Frame w/ big bike style shock mount extension welded on by Savage Cycles (looks good, super strong)

SGR big bike style swingarm kit

Manitou Swinger SFS X6 shock - I used a mountain bike shock because it's easier to get a rising rate compression with them without a linkage. This shock has high and low speed compression, rebound, rising rate adjustment, air volume/preload, and spring preload adjustment. It feels incredible. It's also super strong, so you really don't need to worry about it. It actually has a bigger shaft diameter than an ishock.

Sano LT-6 front end

Pro-Wheel 10" rear rim and 12" front rim

AHP MX bars

AHP over-the-top rear brake pedal

AHP graphics

BBR big bore exhaust

Sano peg mount

Icon pegs

Icon rear hub

CRF50 rear brake w/ extended brake arm

Clarks Skeletal front brake - Another MTB part. Great brake, look them up.

TB billet 1/4 turn throttle assembly

TB aluminum folding shifter

Pro Wheel aluminum gas cap

Great feeling pit bike, especially for a 10". It feels just as good on my backyard track as a big bike track.

I'd like to sell outright, but would also trade up to a bigger MX bike. I don't really want anything older than 2004 though. Let me know what you have. $1800.

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