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Full Mod- Throttle Cable HELP!

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Hey All,
I'm replacing my aging and STICKING throttle cable. My dilemma is as follows - I need a extended length cable with a 90 to fit on a Red Baron Big Throw throttle and aftermarket carb. I have searched every site I can think of (PBPS, TBOLT, TB, KillerMoto, etc.) and cannot find a product that specifies that it's extended with the 90 on it.

My current cable is 33inches tip to tip, including the 4 inches of exposed cable (the coated cable with the 90 measures 27in). I was hoping for a +3in cord, but I think +2in would be sufficient. I have posted a picture of the cable below, as well as my bike for reference. Any help, suggestions, etc. is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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