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Full Mod Motor For Sale

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Price includes shipping.

Paypal or money orders work.

Once upon a time, this motor belonged to aedwards07

[email protected]

This motor is a fire breathing monster! Thousands into this motor.

I have a phone video somewhere if you need me to send it to you.

172 +R Motor:

TB160 kit with custom piston (cylinder and piston) - 120$

Cases bored by Cat5 - 150$

TB28mm carb w/ TB filter - 75$

Takegawa +R head - 350$

Takegawa 20 cam - SOLD

Pitboss 55mm crank(the good one) - 150$

Moto HP hydro clutch setup with Black ASV Lever and cover - SOLD

Takegawa 6 disk conversion - SOLD

Takegawa Close ratio 4 speed - SOLD

BBR Dress Up Kit - 50$

Kitaco Super Coil - SOLD

Cat5 lightened flywheel - 40$

Sano Bump Start - 20$

Other stuff - ask

Specific pictures - ask

I forgot to take a picture of the carb, but we all know what they look like.

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1 - 14 of 15 Posts
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