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FS: Tools,riding gear, and shirts

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These items are a few extras that have been laying around. I started doing a little cleaning out at the house and this stuff needs to go. Paypal only please [email protected] hit me up if you are intrested in any thing.

prices are plus shipping. i can get better more detailed pics if needed.

1) Answer moto shirt and pants one small tear on the pants otherwise looks like new. Size Large shirt and 32-34 pants. $30 for both

2) tb parts t shirt size large like new $ SOLD

3) 2 scott goggles (kinda ruff) $ SOLD

4) spy goggles white little use $ SOLD

5) 1 bbr shirt size large like new $10

6) 1 50 riders shirt like new large $ SOLD

7) bbr banner 3x3 like new $ SOLD

8) 1 fmf exhaust plug $5

9) 1 acerabis exhaust plug $3

10) 1 cr5 stock honda plugs $2

11) motion pro cable luber new $8

12) 1 honda service manual crf $SOLD

13) eds carb cap 18-24mm $4

14) dr atv flywheel puller $ 5

here are a few pics

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$ sent for BBR sign and honda service manual.
list updated thanks for the sales.
List updated thanks again guys!
ill take the exhaust plug, whats your paypal?
i want those pants and shirt

ill give u 30 shipped to buffalo ny?
nelson28 and Nate1995 you both have pms.
Good Seller, prices were right so no need to haggle!
$10 shipped for the BBR shirt to Canada? if so paypal ready.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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