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here is the story, i bid on a i-shock with res before i went on vacation, i bid 225, in the mean time i called up my dealer buddie and ordered up a i-shock with a 350lbs spring, when i got home i relized that i had won the auction. the auction one came in and i couldn't wait for my other on to come in so i put it on, i had it on the weekend, and did some wheelies on it, and thats pretty much it. with in the next couple days my 350lbs one came in and i imiditly installed that on.

so i have a i-shock with res, that is practiclly brand new, looks new, and still in box, i could have said new, but i am an honest seller. it also has the standard 25lbs spring. i will sell it for $200 plus shipping. i am a secure paypal member, and will take a picture of it soon.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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