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2004 CRF50 - $1600 SOLD!

105cc RC motor

RC86cc motor stroked out to 105cc

52mm bore / 49.5 stroke

Kitaco 13:1 52mm piston

E22 Race Head

Trailbikes 20mm carb

4-speed tranny 1 down 3 up

Kitaco inner rotor kit

Valve cap vent

Applied rear spring

Applied front springs

Two bros +1 Chromoly front forks

50ccracing handle bar riser

Bridgestone hoop 2.75 tires

White xr50 aceris plastics

One black seat cover

35 rear sprocket

This thing flat out rips!


CRF50 semi-auto trans w/Trailbikes 88cc bbk and Trailbikes race head.

-$600 (Complete motor setup) SOLD!

Trail bikes 88cc BBK

Trail bikes Race Head

Trail bikes Race Cam

Trail bikes 13:1 52mm piston

Trail bikes 20mm carb

Two bros clutch

Kitaco oil pump

Takagawa 15 tooth counter sprocket

This thing rips!


Misc items for sale

Classic Honda Ultima pipe - $175 Sold!

Kitaco Rev box - $40 Sold!

Trail bikes 20mm carb - $50 Sold!

Trail bikes 24mm carb - $60 Sold!


Everything is SOLD!
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