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Hey guys,

Just as the title says; I have an absolutely MINT, BURIAL (Japan) "MEGA BLAZE" NSR 50 racing pipe for sale.

I recently bought this pipe from a collector who had it on his NSR. The pipe was mounted, idled, ride around the block for 2 minutes (literally) then the NSR was never ridden again. The pipe has not even gotten hot, and still has the clear finish on it.

The MEGA Blaze was available from Burial until around 2007. This is the "large silencer" type NSR exhaust; like the SPI Bomb pipe (I think that's what its called)

ANY Burial pipe for an NSR is extremely rare... Everything about this pipe screams perfection; welds, chamber, hardware, anodizing, etc.

The only reason I am selling it is I had bought it planning on adapting it to my NS50F (having my machinist fabricate mounting brackets and modifying pipe) but there's NO WAY I would want to modify the pipe after seeing it; it's too freaking cool! (it would take a lot of changes to make it fit)

Anyways, my loss is your gain... I paid over 535$ including shipping last month for the BURIAL Mega Blaze.
I am selling it for $395. You will never see another Burial NSR pipe this perfect again!

If interested, please email me DIRECTLY at [email protected] and I will send you pictures. I take PayPal as payment and will ship the same day.

Later guys, jon
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