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03 xr50

-Sano Bombshells GenIII

-WRp HD front wheel

-75cc kitaco cheater big bore


-Sano 2" plus swing arm

-BBR exhaust

-Acerbis black plastics

-Sik50s ghost flame graphics

-Five0 tall seat cover/foam

-ishock w/RES *LIMITED EDITION* needs rebuild from ishock which costs fortybucks

-Five0 foot pegs

-Skid plate

-five0 folding shifter

-Uni filter

Im located in Dallas, TX

hate to see it go but i need another car. One just isn't cuttin it between me the wife and both our jobs. PM me if interested

asking $2,500 obo


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mxbillyu812 said:
Hmm I think I could pay 2,000 for it but thats it I'm thinking but that is high asI possibley can go and if you accept and I talk it over I will pay immediatley if its okay.

for $2,000 you get a blown ishock w/res instead of the blown Limited edition. Also you get stock 03 red plastics w/no graphics instead of the black w/flames that are pictured.

also you pay shipping costs which im guessing will be about $100.00 (unless you would like to pull something else off to pay for shipping costs)

the bike will be taken apart and shipped in accouple boxes

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thanks will...

I would put it in the cycle trader but it has to be gone by this Sunday or I lose my deposit on the truck i'm suppose to buy. :evil:

the bike looks 10x's better in person

I wish I had better pic's but sold my digital camera
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