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Front Disc- Will this work?

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Does anybody think that if I put a bombshell hub on the front and all the caplier and other stuff from the rear hub set up on +1 forks in the front that it would work?
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doubt it. the bombshell hub is way fatter and bigger than the stock hub. im talking about the axle hole. it might be too wide or too narrow but to tell you the truth i never did it.
bombshell hub wouldnt work cuz it has a different size axle than a stock hub so it wouldn't fit on the +1 forks
you can drill out the +1 if they are to small or if to big make a sleeve
the hard part wouldn't be getting the parts to work, it would be trying to find the parts to buy them, cuz they dont sell that stuff seperate
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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