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Yea I watched a few ways to build the cells but there are expandable kits available that avoid the whole spot welding so it like legos essentially(but comes at a higher cost but builds a very nice clean cell with great connections and much easier to assemble). I'll have to look into that aspect of the sustained amps. i guess on the electric bicycle where 18650s are often used dont have high requirements for the higher sustained peak amps but then again what I use it for, will mostly be just putting around and on tight single track, rarely has high sustained draw other than occasional longer hill climbs so might be ok
The controller Im using and many others allow you to limit the amps so if you know roughly the max limit your battery can supply you can set the controller just under to reduce the risk of damaging your battery, the other option is simply making the 18650 pack much larger so that it can deliver the required amps but it often does end up being quite a bit bigge/heavier lipo pack but far more range too

I'm thinking about an e about instant torque. Does any body have any motor ideas
There are a few options out there but the motor i am using is the best value for money i have came across so far and as it comes with a shaft already to use 420/428 sprockets is a great touch, the company just needs to make a motor mount bracket which fits common crf50 style/size engine mounts!
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