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Frame swap questions...

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I was thinking about getting a stock CRF frame and swingarm from BBRs "garage sale" and upgrading my sons Z50.

I was wondering if anyone else has done this, I know the Z and XR/CRF have completely different gas tanks but I thought they might mount the same.

Do you guys know of any other problems I might have? (will the wheels fit, any recommendations for a rear shock?)

Do you think this is a bad idea? All opinions welcome.......thanks.
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well im prety sure you would have to get a crf swingarm and shock and im sure theres other stuff too
Yeah there is, they have alot of stock parts, you can get frames, swingarms, forks, everything they don't use on their bikes.....

I was thinking I could get one of their frames and a swingarm and use everything else off the Z.

I would just have to buy a shock for it.

My son rode one of his freinds XR50 and of course he said it rode alot better, I was just trying to help him out...his Z is in excellent condition so no real need for a totally new bike, just better suspension (to start with), he will be moving up to a bigger bike soon......
Well, if you do that, you will need the xr gas tank and plasitcs as well, pretty sure the Z wont fit and it would look really funny without. As for shock, you can pick up a stocker off ebay for like $10 if your son isnt going big or isnt a very big kid. Wheels, not sure if the Z's will fit or not but you could try, if they didnt, BBR sales stock ones for like $10 a peice and you can have them laced up and all. I also have some stock xr50 rims and spokes if you were interested in them.
umm, i doubt the z50 wheels and tires would fit in that swing arm. and they way the tank is mounted is problly diff. but you may be able to modify the mounting tabs for the gas tank to fit.
i have a complete front wheel laced up and all just give me a jing if u want it [email protected]
the z tyres and wheels will fit in the std xr 50 swingarm we have helped guys that have done the same conversion that you are doing and it works ok you will have to make some new tank and seat mounts to weld to the frame but it is pretty easy and you can use the standard z forks with the xr frame no problems
chilli50, thanks man...thats good to hear 8) . You wouldn't have any photos of the conversions would you?

Thanks for the offer trickedoutxr50, wheels will probably the one of the first things on the list after I get the conversion complete. Gotta take it one step at a time......too many hobbies/projects. :roll:
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