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Fox Podium X?

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Ok, fox podiums fit the KX65 so what is its length in mm. or what kind of swinger can it fit?

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yea but it looks longer in my pic. but will it fit a sik 110s +4 or extended swingarm????
hmm idk

thats a sick shock though, i want it if it fits haha
my friend has that shock with the CHP. what a nice rear end.. id love to have one
I get that it fits with the chp mono but can it fit a a-style swinger extender or regular.

What I was also thinking Is buy a 65 swinger and modify it to fit the 110 and add the fox podium. I think that will work
The shock pictured above is designed for a linkage rear suspension, the spring rate and valving will we WAY off for a regular mono setup.
ok i already talked to a fabricator and it can work with the kx65 swingarm he'll do it for me. But, it looks like it can fit a extended swingarm tho
You don't want to be using a mono shock with an A style swingarm. Look at the leverage points.

It will cost you a decent amount to have a machine shop make the KX65 swingarm fit to your 110. Unless you're good buddies with someone... Just buy the correct mono shock if you're going to use a mono swingarm.
yeah i crossed this type off list, my dad is good buddies with him and said it is really easy.
Yeah, The eye to eye length might be OK, but the 65 shock will have a much longer stroke and soft damping to be used in a linkless MX style set up. Well unless you want 13" travel and a 40lb kid to ride it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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