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Fox FLoat help!

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Juts picked up a Float off the site and with the +3 swinger i have its mad soft..

Was wondering if i would be able to use a air compressor w. a 80 Gal tank on it. but has a regulator on it so i can controll the pressure..

Does anyone know the MAX PSI this shock can take?

Thanks Guys.
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max is 300. I would use the fox pump and empty the shock out. Twist the preload collar to midway then pump 275 psi into the shock so it fully extends. Take breaks while you pump it cause the air/pump gets warm and screws up he reading. When you get all the 275 in it, let out air to 250 then sit on the bike bounce around and see how you like it and keep dropping air from there. Im 165 and I ride mine at 170-180 It almost is your weight and i have the preload collar in the middle (its numbered 1-5 so it makes it easy for adjustments) If you still feel its soft after doing this, the preload collar really can make that shock stiff so empy it out and start twisting it. good luck. It will take a while to set up but once you do, that shock kicks booty
Alright.. i weighed myself recently.. im about 190 give or take... so roughly the PSI in the shock would be about 200-215 tops..

and the best way to do it is to empty everything out and start from scratch with the preload collar in the middle..

1. drain the shock

2. pump up to roughly 200 w. collar in the middle

3. bounce on it.

4 adjust from there basically..

And would you said more air w. less preload would be better since it is a Air Shock?!?!
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You have to pump it to 275 from empty before you drop it back down to 215ish. The reason for this is so that it fully extends the shock. Other than that you're following.

You will see major adjust ment from that preload collar. Id try to keep it n he middle if you can and adjust by air but if you need to step it up, empty it out twist the collar and repeat.
Just noticed this is in the 110 section. I have a 50. doesnt matter cause both shocks are the same....

My guidelines as far as having the psi about 10 over my actual weight and a preload collar midway is based off a sano/billetware frame with a +4 sano swinger. IT MIGHT VARY FOR YOUR 110
I have a +2" swinger and a Float on my 110. I run the compression ratio adjuster at 2.5 and about 225psi of air in it. I weigh 215 ready to ride. Great shock.

Alright i appritiate the help guys. im just waiting on a air pump now..

I got kinda spoiled with this compressor HA!!

Have to give it a shot.
If I have a klx110 with a +3 swinger will this shock still work?Just have to set the preload different?
It should still work. Just pump up the pressure more. Or if you have access to nitrogen and a regulator use that.
Does aeveryone think that a regular BMX pump would work from a local bike shop?!?!

Not sure were to get it, and dont wanna run around in circles..
Probably not. The pump needs to go up to 300psi.
This **** is like RAY!

oh well.. not likei can ride anyways.. Peg bolts got stripped. even after having a cradle, and longer bolts -_- FML!
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