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here is my crf 50

list of parts :

Billetware craddle mount frame

Dc swingarm +4"

Fox float mxr

Marzocchi shiver front fork kit 12"

Hiper 10" rear wheel

"Backyards" graphic kit, a new french brand, with a Soyle front plate, a french brand

Some Dc tuning parts

Pro circuit Dress up and shifter

Takegawa kickstart

and so on

and concerning the engine,

Honda engine with :

117cc complete stroker kit

Vm26 mikuni carb

Uni air filter

MHK ( french brand ) inner rotor with a programmable ignition, with 2 maps in memory

Ngk irridium Spark plug

FMF factory 4.1 full titanium exhaust with the spark arrestator (noise is the #1 pulic ennemy of the minibike in france )

Takegawa HD autoclutch kit ( i don't like manual clutch, and that's more funny )

Takegawa 3 speed Transmission

a Kitaco Ultra SE head will come ;)


US WAY (the french and european minibike specialist ):

Soyle " Minibike Art designer " : Soyle - Minibike Dirt Designer

Backyards Mx : BackyardsMX

Mark from

50's Performance, my Minibike association :50's performance - Accueil

see ya, and " Vive la mini "

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here is my entry.

Fully street legal 124+r Dry Clutch ZB on 12's

Starter bike: 1988 honda ZB50


NSR swingarm modified to work with ZB frame

ZB frame customized with extra welds to stiffen it up then powdercoated.

G Craft Triples

NSR forks re worked by RJP racing with custom springs, emulators, and preload adjusters.

KYB gold rear shock with remote res.

Swingarm sliders.

NSR nissan calipers and masters front and back.

Braking 220 front and 260 rear rotors.

NSR 6 spoke 12" rims powdercoated.

Sati front fender.

Monkey R Seat.

Monkey R rearsets with custom braket for rear master.

G Craft Billet remote master resi for rear master.

Ducati Tail section.

Custom bikini faring from CRF150 number plate.

Custom headlight.

NGK iridium Spark plug.

Black Monkey left hand controls with intagraged clutch perch.

Takegawa gold low swept bars.

Takegawa kickstarter.

Takegawa gauges.

Takegawa supercooler.

Polished cases.

Takegawa 124 +r Japan spec V Cylinder type kit on Honda ZB cases.

daytona race ratio 4 speed.

Daytona spark exciter.

Datyona 4 plate dry clutch.

Custom low run stator cover.

Matching custom rear sprocket.

Custom low run catch system.

Spiegler custom Brake lines.

PWK28 carb Kitaco intake.

Kitaco throttle.

Yoshimura Type 8 down swept exhaust system, Ti header, Carbon canister.

Sound Bite link


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Z50King said:
yeah that is nice.

brad, does that oil catch tank return the oil? looks like it has three lines going to the engine...

Yes of course, if you look at the side pic it drains down to the clutch cover. there is another fitting on the side that points towards the back of the bike that is the exhaust.
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