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Forks that will work with a klx 110

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hey guys i was just wondering what forks willwork with my 08 klx 110 ..

i heard that the pitster works but you need bearings so they work

another one was the medina clone rollers forks will work but wut doi need to get them to adapt

so any information will be helpful thanks to all
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They are not the same, but you only need a pair of reducer sleeves to adapt klx110 All Balls tapers to a pitster/long crf style stem. I made a set in an afternoon on the lathe and they worked great..
Same, I have a meidna and my friend has an 08 X4, but yes I think LasVegasStreetterror is right about the reducer
What I meant by that, was that the klx and the crf head sets are different. I also have a Medina Front end (as-01's) and they are much different then the gpx/pitster forks but the solution to mount them on a klx is the same for sure ;)..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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