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forks on ebay..

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hah i was just looking at those earlier

sp5 knock offs
all they are is xr70 forks with the sp5 damping rods. If you look at the triples they just ripped off bbr. The president of bbr is going after people who are cloning thier products so I feel bad for 50caliber or whatever thier name is.

Now compare to the sp5's

They shouldn't have copied so closely. My god. Check this out now.

Here is the letter from the president of bbr

At BBR Motorsports, our employees love motorcycles! We ride more than anyone deserves to. We spend a lot of time and money on innovation simply because we have a pure passion for the sport. It's what we do! Every product we create gets our best effort because we know that we will personally end up riding with it. And every product we put our name on has been designed and tested by our BBR employees to be the very best money can buy.

We also love competition. It is exciting for us to see all the new companies building parts for 4-stroke minis. We believe competition is healthy for the sport and for the industry. When we see a great product hit the market, we get just as excited as the next guy (whether we built it ourselves or some guy carved it out in his garage). Creativity and innovation are the American way!

At the same time, there is a disturbing trend emerging in our industry. Apparently, there are a handful of companies that have no problem stealing product designs, making exact copies of existing products, and then selling them as their own. We are very aware of the crop of knock-off parts that litter the Internet, and we know the companies producing them. Some of these companies have roots in foreign countries, and some are based in the US. Some claim to be the actual manufacturers of BBR parts (they claim the only difference is the brand name on the product). One of these companies are even stealing our website photos (which in itself is a violation of federal and international copyright laws). With a little PhotoShop® work, they are showing our products as their own! In addition to being outright fraudulent, these business practices are shady and very unhealthy for our industry. Every day, we hear from customers who have sent money off to these companies on the Internet (or E-Bay®) thinking they are ordering a BBR quality product. They are disappointed when they receive nothing at all, cheap copies of good products, or useless junk.

Another concern for us is the situation where a person or company will take a BBR product down the street to a local machine shop (or send it over seas), to have it copied. Just like any innovative company, we expend a great deal of energy and expense in the design and development of our products. It costs them next to nothing to steal our designs. The concern is that these "knock-off" products are scary. They are often made from substandard-grade metals, are often not heat-treated properly (if at all), and the craftsmanship is outright dangerous. In our high-risk sport, this is absolutely unacceptable. We (BBR) are not exclusive in our concern. Many of our competitors are feeling the same way about this growing problem.

Just to be clear, we are NOT knocking overseas production. We use overseas manufacturing technology on some of our products (engine castings, chroming on fork tubes, forgings, etc...). We are also NOT knocking the many innovative companies and backyard shops producing quality competitive products. Some of the coolest products we have seen are the result of entrepreneurs who create products in their private machine shops. We are simply stating our concern over the stealing of product designs, and the dishonest marketing that goes along with it.

Over our history, we have taken legal action against these people and/or companies, and will continue to do so. It is costly, but we are committed to defending the integrity of our name, our products, and our company at any cost. Most important, we are committed to defending the safety of the riders in this sport. We make it clear that we consider importers/resellers to be just as "at fault" as the manufacturer of the products, and will take the steps necessary to affect all involved parties.

Again, we want to state that we appreciate the competition from our rival companies. The growth of our sport depends on this healthy competition. It allows us all to do our best work and keeps us innovating for the future. But for those companies who copy our designs, products, marketing, photos, or anything else that is under clear copyright protection, please see the attached letter, and count on contact from our legal partners.

BBR Product Protection (PDF format)

Thanks to everyone who supports genuine BBR products, and all the best to our competitors who practice friendly, fair and honest business competition! Thanks!

Duane Brown

President, BBR Motorsports, Inc.

I don't think 50 caliber will be around much longer lol
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3rdGearPinned said:
50 caliber copies everything.....

yea have u seen there swingarm?
gomerpile2525 said:
yea have u seen there swingarm?
yes t kinda looks like a sik50s
yea there exhaust is just like sanos.
highlittleboi said:
[quote name='gomerpile2525']yea have u seen there swingarm?
yes t kinda looks like a sik50s[/quote] and sanos, five o's, and red barons.
ill be picking up one of their swingers if they dont go over 100 bucks
I was going to buy a shock and test it and do a write up on it to see if it holds up or if it was junk. Those guys have a knock-off item for almost a whole bike now and now they have different colors... ie, pipe in black and red can, swingarm in bare or black.
srb88042 said:
ill be picking up one of their swingers if they dont go over 100 bucks

Why dont you do the right thing and not support this company which is ripping off many legit companies?
BlackBall said:
[quote name='srb88042']ill be picking up one of their swingers if they dont go over 100 bucks

Why dont you do the right thing and not support this company which is ripping off many legit companies?[/quote]

why not get while the gettings good?? j/k 8)
id rather get the knock off because sik 50's is a bit outta my league price wise :evil: i found these forks on ebay too. but i didnt think bbr made their clamps in chrome.. they look like 50 caliber.
those are bbrs, you can tell because the grooves from the cnc machine are still around the stops, and on the fork leg(brake side)you'll notice a bracket welded on for the brake cable to mount to. 50 cal. does not have that bracket, or the grooves by the stops, and also "BBR" is stamped on the tops of the fork stops
Here's the deal people. If a company changes one item on a front fork, whether it be a seal, longer or shorter travel, or another measurement, the original company doesn't have a leg to stand on in the legal system.

Plus, with copies entering the market, have you thought the prices on all these products may come down a touch?

I'm sorry, but $1000-$1600 for a set of forks is silly in the grand scheme of things, so if I company can sell a comparable fork for a fraction of the cost, it does nothing but help the 50 market.

competition is great, no matter how you view it.
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Well yea its good in a way, but when a company flat out copies another companies product its rediculous. They could have at least change the clamps on the forks, or the tip on the exhaust can or anything. I wont support them, but thats just me.
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