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For Sale

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i got a bunch of stuff for sale on guys can check em out at.......

*edit* this will make it easier for you guys.

all of this stuff is O.B.O.!!! i really need the money..FAST!!
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How many of those chatter boxes did you steal?????? You only have one helmet, how many people were you talking to?

Just messing with ya! :lol:
lol, i know, i was thinking the exact same thing, cuz those things aren't cheap lol lmao
well i broke into a HJC trailer and took as many as i could.

lmao. or even better i just walked into the wherehouse and held the place up.....stole one of their trucks and loaded it full of chatterboxes...

naw...but on a serious a dealer. :D
I'll take an 8 ball, oh wait, I mean "chatter box".
fiddycent said:
I'll take an 8 ball, oh wait, I mean "chatter box".

the cheap or good stuff?
Whatever isn't 75% baking soda.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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