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List of parts 1)new top end with 2 rides includes PRC ported 70 head and PRC cam with 11.1 mini dome piston.Parts mentioned above have 3 rides on them. 2)PRC shaved flywheel 3)sik 50s frame 2 rides 4)sik 50s swingarm with I-shock/resivor 5)gold rims 12 front 10 rear with newer starcross tires 6)BBR SP5 forks/triple clamps 7)fast 50s throttle,bars,billet footpegs and shifter 8)sik50s extended rear brake pedel 9)kitaco 88cc CYlinder with rev box 10)tall seat foam with five-o cover 11)CRF white plastics with five-o graphics 12)Two brothers skid plate 13)CHM pipe 14)new clutch not installed yet 15)15/38 sprockets with gb420mxz chain 16)five-o chain guide with roller 17)sik50s engine dres up kit. 18)kehin 20mm carb.


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ill trade you my 01 KX 125 for it, excellent condition, runs great, never raced

its got

Pro Action Suspenison

Pro Circuit Works pipe and Shorty 304 silencer

Pro Circuit Works top clamp and bar mount

Acerbis plastic

Renthal Fatbars

Renthal dual compound grips

Moose A.O.F clutch perch

ARC folding clutch lever

Sunstar sprockets

Dunlop tires

DID rims

Uni air filter

Works connection skid plate

full Hinson clutch

fairly new top end

IMS Pro Series footpegs

Moto X3 graphics

Spare parts include

4 front tires (3 pirelli, 1 bridgestone)

1 rear tire ( bridgestone)

stock top clamp

a few clutch perches and levers

front fender( 03 style, green)

front # plate( 03 style, black)

Acerbis handguards( white)

4 sparkplugs

2 sparkplug caps

stock sprockets


stock silencer

PM or email me if you want pics. my email is [email protected]
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