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jupebag69 said:
Hey guys....another letdown by my local honda dealership surprise surprise the flywheel puller they ordered for me was the wrong I have decided to bypass their substandard services as much as humanely possible from now on...if anyone knows a good site that would ship one of these to western canada asap or maybe has a spare for sale that would fit my 1982 z50's flywheel I would love to hear from you


Matt P

Welcome to the club, Matt. My local Honda shop did the same thing to me. No shot at a refund either. After waiting a week for it to arrive, I'm stuck with a worthless POS. The best part is, when I went to try and get my money back, I noticed a flywheel puller on the shelf that had been there for months. Out of curiousity, I asked to see it. (I asked if it was for a crf50 before I ordered the pOS one, they said no) Well, guess what? It said it would work on crf50s! Apparently the salesman did not have his glasses on that day.

Go back and tell Honda that you want the Motion Pro flywheel puller. Don't forget to tell them that it is unfair to you, the customer, to have to pay for something you did not even want or need. (There is no way you could tell it would not fit until after you already tore into the crappy blister packaging) I have a feeling they are going to have a BS excuse and not offer a refund tho.

What a drag.. I could have saved a week's wait and $15. Good luck Matt. :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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