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float stuck?

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i have a 07 klx 110 and it is basicaly stock except for free mods( air box snorkle out, drilled out pipe) also changed jets to a 40 and a 85. sometimes when i go to crank it the kickstarter is locked up and the over flow tube on the carbrueter is running fuel out none stop. when it finally stops running out it will crank but my dad seems to think that the float is sticking but we dont know.anybody else have this probluem? please help me out with a solution to this probluem thanks in advance!
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my buddies just had the same problem... I had to pull the plug out and kick it over to get the raw fuel out of the cyl.

I'd pull the carb apart and make sure everything is spotless...
ya i pulled the plug and kicked it over till nothing was coming out. i guess i will take it aprt and see if anything looks strange.
use compressed air and blow everything clean.
xr1million said:
use compressed air and blow everything clean.

Yea, that worked for me. When I took my carb apart I took the float off and found out that the little pin that slides up and down had sand on it. Blew it all off and my carb stopped the leaking gas.
What kind of gas are you running? If your running good ol pump gas your carb will need cleaned a ton. I try run U-94 Sunoco in a similar setup but even it has so much attitives eventually it will act up. The last time I cleaned my stock carb I dropped the float and never found it FYI it costs 18.00 to replace so dismantel with caution.. Good Luck!!
i am using entec 93.5 octane and the bike is only 3 months old. should the carbrueter need cleaning out?
Try this turn the fuel off disconect the fuel line at the carb drain the fuel bowl . then spray WD40 in the inlet to the carb . That will clean and lube the neddle seat in your carb. I do it as maintanence on the dirt bikes, 4 wheelers,and the JR Dragster. DO NOT mess with the float.Also change the oil
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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