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Hiiiii guys-

I've been an infrequent lurker here for a long time, and it's time to detail my adventure from the beginning!

I bought a Z50 off of Craigslist a good 10+ years ago for $500. It was registered + street legal with a California license plate and title. Good enough for me!

Otherwise, it was rough around the edges and had a ton of really crappy Chinese parts on it. I messed around with it, did some changes, cleaned it up, and rode it around... but it was rough in every way... engine, carb, suspension, controls... none of it was in good shape or operated well. I started replacing things and tuning it...different bars... different wheels and tires.... misc stuff here and there. Eventually I realized it was never really going to be a great bike... unless I did a real restore.

So it sat.

For 10 years.

Did I mention it was California plated? It still is.

The title and registration say Honda1975 Z50A. Is it really a real Z50A? I haven't taken it apart to really tell, but I am suspect. If I remember correctly, the guy I bought it from said someone brought it to California from Florida already plated, and simply registered it here. The VIN starts Z50A-6005... and that seems to match up.

The steering tube part of the frame is currently almost painted a different color than the rest of the frame. Is this some sort of Frankenstein piece of a Honda welded onto a clone? Hard to tell until I tear this thing apart - even then I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for.

And quite honestly, I don't really care about it being "real or not". I just want a fun bike to rip around town.

So back to the sitting for 10 years. I always had it in the back of my mind that when I had some time and determination, I was going to rebuild it from the frame up. But there was so many junky and in poor condition parts on it - it seemed like a pretty big undertaking to piece it all together. I've never done anything like that... I'm up for a project... but not sure there was too much to save.

Here it is as it stands today:

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive tire Motor vehicle

And, sometimes the best ideas take awhile to percolate to the top...

I've always been a fan of the styling of the 90's Z50R... and recently heard about the Piranha ZR 140 clone...
2021 PIRANHA ZR 140

TA-DAH... look what showed up!

Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Shipping box Package delivery

Remember the part where I said the best ideas can sometimes take awhile to percolate to the top?

It came to me that the path of least resistance in making a well operating bike... and styled in the way I like... is to take the from the frame from the "Z50A" as a donor, and replace everything else from the Piranha.

Is that possible? Will everything fit... or can everything be made to fit? I don't know.

The Piranha comes without any lights, so I know there will be some electrical needs... stator + wiring + lights.

The engine will fit. But what about everything else? I don't know what I don't know.

Maybe this is a dumb idea and I should just go enjoy the Piranha and putz around offroad. But just maybe... I'll be able to put together the bike of my dreams to roll around town.

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Frame probably has a mountpoint added to be able to fit the jz tank. This mount can be clamped or welded. If you take the tank of the old mount can be still there or ground away.
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