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fineline cradle

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pretty cool, looks really o/skool to me. but you couldnt ask for better protection without incuding latex 8)

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i like it i would buy it how much looks burly to me and makes a 50 look like it has a burly frame
thats the same thing as the joker machine one!
it doesnt seem like it would prevent any type of streching/ bending though. i think it would just bend along with the frame.
Wheres the protection for the head? It does look pretty beffy though. My .02 I don't like it.
anything there to help support the stock frame is really good. if any of you remember the brace i made a while back, it wasnt very much put it fo shure saved my frame till i could get a cromo.
its ok, it doesnt protect the head very well tho, i will stick with my five o one
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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