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finally bit the bullet.....dnm shock on hundy

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started on my shock install this morning. decided to make a new lower mount instead of flipping the swingarm. i still need to add two gussets to the upper mount near the bottom. whatcha think? shock is dnm with a 1200lb spring btw.

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Whatya got gon on up front for forks?
stock forks with bbr springs for now:(
where did you get the DNM shock and you have a part no. Nice use labor instead of your check book
this is the shock i used, unfortunantly my wallet was involved just not as bad. im still waiting on the frame/swinger combo from paint. it felt pretty good when sitting on it during mock-up. im no lite weight at 200lbs so i got the heaviest spring they offer.

Ahp Minis
i would definitely add some support to the upper mount.

when i made upper mount for my 110, i used 1/8 plate for the vertical peices, and they twisted and elongated at the holes, and i didnt even jump it.

dunno what size metal you got there, but either way id enforce it, that area takes some abuse

looks good though
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haha, i hope it holds this tards gonna fly:D i used 1/8 on the upper bracket. i added triangle gussets to the top and bottom of the bracket/frame. no pics of the added metal, hopefully i get it back soon and can shoot some progress.
got the frame back last night, decided on paint instead of powder. with the seat and tank on it sits much higher than i thought, guess its time to look for some kx forks.

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Looks good. Makes me miss my XR100. What tires are you running? Is this going to be a pitbike or for mini supermoto?
thanks. these are the tires im running right now

- American Motorcycle Tire

if everything goes as planned this will be a streetlegal mini-supermoto. kinda like a little bro to the big boys:)
looks good. i think you'll be suprised by how nice the dnm rides. my brother just got one on his 110 and it feels so nice. 100x better than the ishock he used to have on there. the quality seems really good as well.
feel like i got lucky with the 1200lb spring i guessed at. im no lite weight at 200 and it feels perfect for me. thanks
done for now. regreting the tank cover but better than orange. runs/rides well for having the geometry screwed up. saving for some real forks next. waiting on a brake light switch then comes registration.

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ill take the forks if you let them go.. do you know what diameter they are?
sure ill sell em, gonna be just a bit before im ready though. fyi they are just stock forks w/heavy springs.
Looks good. What kind of headlight is that? BTW, I may be selling off my CR85 front end that is already converted for an XR100. PM me if you want it.
headlight is acerbis dhh non-dot. pm sent
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