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Fifty of the month for May 2010

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First ten bikes posted are in. 10" rear wheel max.Try not to post remarks until all the bikes have been posted. Please dont Quote anyones post with pics either.

Good luck.

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1971 CT 70 Won by my grandma in 1971 in a store

94 CT 70 Harness

05 CRF50 Motor - 88CC BBR kit

Upsweep Exhaust

Takegawa stator cover

Gold Chain (not shown)

Heidenau street tires

Takegawa street shocks

Turnsignals added

Street plated

AHP 4 Speed


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Heres mine. Starting off when I bought a BBR super pro frame/Bombshell fork roller.

Elka rear shock

Daytona 88 BVH stroker w/ PE 24

Takagawa 3 speed

Takagawa oil cooler

Two Bro M6 pipe with insert

Two Bro tall seat

Two Bro HD peg mount

Fastway pegs

LightSpeed carbon fiber tank cover

Universal Bars

Acerbis plastics

Cat5 cradle

Spent alot time and money building this thing and I'm still making changes. Changing out the Kitaco IRK for a stock flywheel ignition and have a 12" BBR rim and Buchanon spokes for the front:cool:


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ok so here is the lil beast its got a 106 bbr stroker big bore kit,takegawa close rayio trans and clutch,kitaco inner rotor,boyeson ignition cover,bbr e6 fork kit,fast 50s front wheel,protaper bars,
honda tall seat lol!chp exaust,bbr super pro frame the lil money consumer lol

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2007 CRF 50

Here are the specs:

-2007 CRF 50

-Red Baron swingarm

-Fox float rear shock

-Complete Marz Shiver front end(new style) with wheel kit

-Formula front brake

-Fox Float rear shock

-Red Baron complete rear wheel

-rear Red Baron disc brake

-Red Baron plastics and stickers

-TiForce Titanium exhasut

-88cc BBR Superpro kit

-Kitaco inner rotor

-Red Baron dress up kit(on pics shown only cam cover)

-Takegawa special clutch, magnesium cover, 3 speed transmission

-Takegawa Mikuni VM 26 carb kit

-Red Baron Skid plate

-Red Baron shift lever

-Red Baron brake lever

-Red Baron chain guide

-Takegawa kicker

-ADA racing Pegs

-Neken bars(Japan)

-Takegawa special big oil cooler

-Crocodile rear sprocket

-list goes on...

Handles great, really fun to ride and race! That bike is just amazing for me, but you know, fiddy is never ending story! :D

Waiting for new Billet ware cradle frame, new rear sprocket and custom made gas tank...

Thanks for looking, I hope the bike is interesting for you and got your vote! :)


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My bike gets ridden every week, there are pictures to prove it.


Kitaco 124 SE w/head ported by Mike Castro (dood)

Kitaco intake manifold

Mikuni VM26 carburetor

Takegawa oil pump

Sik 50's dress up kit

Lightspeed carbon fiber ignition cover

Takegawa close ratio 3-speed transmission

Pro-Taper front sprocket

BBR shifter

Two Brothers kick starter

CHP oil cooler

UNI airfilter


BBR CRF50 perimeter frame

BBR super comp adjustable swingarm

Elka rear shock revalved by Feal

Marzocchi forks revalved by Feal (new style, w/200mm upgrade rotor)

Sano MX bars

ASV C5 front brake lever

ASV C5 pro model clutch lever

Two Brothers tall seat

Acerbis green plastics

Fastway F5 footpegs

BBR rear disc brake kit

Buchanan heavy duty spokes

Excel black rear rim

Pro-Taper rear sprocket

Pirelli front tire

IRC rear tire

BBR skid plate

BBR D2 big bore exhaust

BBR rear brake pedal

Renthal chain

BBR billet gas cap

Red Baron gas cap vent

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I'll give it a shot..

-Red baron forks/bombshell brakes

-red baron frame/alum. subframe

-RB +3 swingarm/podium x shock

-TB 108 kit, PE24 carb/UNI filter

-Daytona manual clutch

-ProCirciut T4

-Tak oil cooler (not pictured!)

-Sik50's kick lever

-C/F ignition cover

-sano bars

-bbr seat

-fast50s pegs

Bunch of other stuff, you get the idea ;-)


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well this bein my first fotm entry thought i would see how it does i thought my bike was pretty sick got alot of competition though.....everyones bike is sick as hell prob should just take mine off lol just kiddin

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I got one!!

*Michelin StarCross 10"-2.50 Front and Rear

*Honda Stocker Rims

*BBR SP-5 Forks

*BBR Tall Seat

*SGR I-Shock

*Renthal Fiddy tall bars

*Fast 50's Billet Throttle

*Fast 50's Frame

*Fast 50's Pegs

*Fast 50's Front Sprocket

*Custom Skid Plate

*50 Caliber Swinger

*Pro Taper Grips

*Trail Bikes Kick Start and Shifter

*Lifan 125cc 4 stroker

*Mikuni VM26 Carb

*Uni Air filter/K&N cover

*LXR Pitster Pro pipe (Not Pictured)

*White UFO Plastics

*Rockstar Graphics


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2005 crf50.

takegawa 88.

takegawa inner rotor.

takegawa manual clutch.

takegawa oil pump.

zokes by feal.

pro tapers.

asv levers.

terrycable throttle cable.

terrycable clutch cable.

renthal grips.

five0 swinger.

five0 chain guide.

did gold chain.

hardstyl e iron cross sprocket.

fastway pegs.

billetware cradle mount frame.

billerware peg mount.

two bros pipe.

two bros graphics.

sdg tall seat .

red baron rear rim.

fat irc rear tire.

excel ft rim.

dunlop ft tire.

i shock.

red baron skid plate.

red baron billet gas cap.

sik50's b rake pedal.

custom owner head vent.

polished swinger.

polished sub frame.

polished ing cover.

lots of polish and elbow grease.

much more.

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I'll hop in


BBR 50 Perimeter frame

BBR Super Comp. swinger w/Elka shock

BBR billet hub & disc brake kit w/Galfer rotor, Innova 3.00x10

BBR billet brake pedal

Zokes up front(new style) BBR disc brake kit w/Galfer rotor, Innova 2.75x12

BBR billet bar mount, Pro Taper bar's w/Pro Taper grips & PT donuts

BBR billet gas cap, chain guide, skid plate, pro series peg's, tall seat, throttle

TBR shifter

Works Connection quick adjust clutch lever/perch

RK gold chain

Hardstyle sprocket 39t

UFO plastics


Daytona 150 tweaked by BBR

Keihin pe 28 carb

BBR D2 exhaust

UNI filter

Light Speed carbon fiber ignition cover
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